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Consult us about your Household Waste or Commercial Waste requirements. We will arrange collections
that fit in with your timetable. Don’t waste money on skips in London our rubbish collections are much
cheaper, We also offer a wait and load service. No skip license needed waste/rubbish removed faster and
efficiently by our Government Licensed Waste Carrier Service.

How Much Rubbish? We take anything from 1 item, e.g. Washing Machine, up to several skip loads of
junk and rubbish, offering reliable and professional waste services at the best prices. We now recycle
over 80 % of all rubbish collected, and arrange collections to suit you.

Our services are available in and around the London area. Same day service, working up to 24/7, and our
wait and load service is proving increasingly popular with our clients.
We don't charge for waste
clearance / rubbish collection
Our services include:
We do not charge you for Waste
Clearance / Rubbish Collection
Quotations. Why not call us now and we
know we can beat all the quotes that you
might had else where.
Our services include giving you a free no obligation
quote, then if you are happy with the quote we will clear
the Rubbish/Waste when it suits you and sweep the area
down fully.

All of your waste is then taken to a commercial waste
transfer station where it will be sorted for recycling.

We can collect all types of Domestic & Commercial
waste apart from a asbestos. Below are all the
categories of rubbish that we collect so that you can get
an idea of the type of waste that you can dispose of. All
of the below rubbish/waste is 100% recycled where

Domestic waste
All domestic waste can be cleared including Furniture,
Electrical appliances, Kitchen and Bathroom rip outs,
Built in wardrobes, Glass-ware, Mattresses & Bedding.
We can also clear out loft/cellar spaces and any storage
areas. We can also dismantle or rip out anything fixed for
a small charge.

Builders waste
All types of builders waste can be cleared which includes
wood, plasterboard, metal, electrical appliances and
Hardcore is generally cheaper to dispose of but is quoted
on the amount to be taken as it is worked out according
to weight. All work areas are swept down when work is

Garden/Garage waste
All garden/garage waste can be cleared including soil,
tree cuttings, brickwork, wood, and general green waste.
Cheap rates available for ready bagged green waste.

Ready bagged Soil is also cheaper to dispose of and is
quoted on weight.
Garden sheds and small coal bunkers can also be
cleared or demolished if required.

Office waste
All offices can be cleared of rubbish and furniture
including cardboard, Paper, polystyrene, electrical
appliances, chairs and desks and any other furnishings.
We can also offer a weekly or fortnightly collection for
recycled paper etc.

Scrap Metal
All types of scrap metal can be cleared including
electrical appliances such as washing machines,
Cookers and ovens. Car parts and machinery also
Shop waste
All shop waste can be cleared including Cardboard,
Plastic, Polystyrene and any other packaging materials.
Weekly or fortnightly collections are also available for
small shops.

No Job Too Small!
We can also collect single items. Also we can clear
many other workplace buildings not listed above
including pubs, Newsagents/shops and Workshops.
What We Do
Waste collection

We provide a number of services for homes, offices, hotels,
schools and construction sites. For your home we provide
rubbish removal however big or small. We can also undertake
garage clearance and garden clearance and cater for all your
household rubbish clearance needs.

It is worth getting specialists such as Immediate Waste
Disposal to handle your waste removal for a number of
reasons. These include the environmental care and recycling
that we pride ourselves on. The waste removal service that is
offered will also be of use to any business due to the low cost
that we offer, which due to the state of the economy it
definitely a bonus.

Why spend more hiring a skip, and doing the work yourself
instead of having a friendly team of environmentally friendly
waste removal specialists come and provide the rubbish
removal service for you at a lower cost?

For schools, offices and hotels the services we provide are
office clearance, property clearance, waste removal and
general rubbish removal. We also provide sensitive document
disposal and office paper recycling. We can take care of all
your rubbish clearance services, no matter where in London
your premises are.

We specialise in making your life a lot easier by taking care of
all your waste removal needs for you in an environmentally
friendly manner.

For construction sites if it’s a site clearance we can take your
site waste removal. If it’s just a small amount of waste
clearance needed or you just need rubbish removal for house
clearance taken then we can provide all your rubbish
clearance services.
Skip vs. Tipper Truck

Skips are bad for a number of reasons.
Have you ever had to arrange for a skip...with all the permits
and extra work it requires? Have you ever chucked something
in your neighbours skip or had stuff throw into yours?
Annoying isn't it?
We like to make life easy for you. By only using our high
capacity and convenient tipper trucks, we are able to be fast
and effective in a wide variety of locations. Here are some
reasons why tipper trucks are so much better:
Here are the negatives with using a skip
Skip hire permit skip permits take time and cost money
Parking permit for skip takes time and costs money
Skips don't do the work for you, you have to load the skip
Limited size of skip limit of 6 cubic yards on street
Flat rates regardless of how little you fill the skip
Here are the positives with using us.
No skip hire permits
No hidden costs and a much faster and reliable service
No parking permits
No extra costs or inconvenience
We do all the work
our rates include all costs
Larger size
14 cubic yards (twice more than a skip)
Volume based rates
you only pay for what you use
Skip Hire is a Pain
In London especially, skips are annoying and a hazard. You
have to pay for a permit, plus you have to pay for extra labour
to get stuff shifted and even if you don’t fill it you still have to
pay the same as if it were full.
A pain in the wallet and a pain in the neck
Tippers are Easy
We have removed all the hassle a skip brings with it by using
tipper trucks. Plus the use of our team of recyclers is all
included in one cost.
Easy,simple and efficient
24 Hour Contact Number Tel 08726300123 at 14p min
Guaranteed 2 hour collection times

We do all the heavy work for you!

Normally cheaper than hiring a skip

Repeat collections or one-off jobs

No cancellation fees
Waste collection, Waste removal and
Waste disposal across London
What our clients say

"Great service and helpful company.
Collected my waste within 1 hour and
everything went smoothly"

Rooz G, London
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